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PolicyMatters.org is available for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

is this domain for sale?

Yes! Domains are highly sought-after digital assets, they can help represent your non-profit with the message like “Policy Matters” and have that become a memorable part of your overall marketing. 

How much does this domain cost?

PolicyMatters.org is available immediately for $98500USD or BTC equivalent.

Can I transfer this domain after purchase?

Yes, please complete payment using Wire or Bitcoin to ensure the domain is transferrable immediately after purchasing it. If you need help buying bitcoin, we recommend Swan Bitcoin.

can you help me reach the owner to negotiate the price?

Certainly, the negotiation process begins with a serious offer. If you have one please use this form to send it for consideration. Please include timeline to complete payment and mode of payment you will utilize.

What if I can't afford this domain name?

We recommend you find an alternative domain name. You can contact us if you need professional help to find alternatives like PolicyAdvisor.org, also under the brokerage of TailorMark.com